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Yamhill County Sheriff Tim Svenson guest speaker

Note: check back for the 7 p.m. meeting location.

In June the Yamhill County Republicans host special guest, Yamhill County Sheriff Tim Svenson. There will be a discussion on the Constitutional authority inherent in the sheriff position. How does that play into Oregon’s mask rule placed on its businesses by OSHA? The bureaucracy is terrorizing Oregon businesses and overriding individual citizens rights under an unlawful order from Governor Kate Brown.

RELATED: Now-former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, aided by NRA attorneys, won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case in 1997. As sheriff, he had kicked federal government agents out of his county that were attempting to confiscate citizens’ guns. The case upheld states’ rights (Tenth Amendment) vs. the abusive federal government bureaucrats and helping to uphold the power of the Sheriff

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Sheriff Mack now teaches citizens and law enforcement officials alike the constitutional duty of law enforcers to protect citizens’ rights and uphold the Constitutions they swear an oath to uphold.

Watch former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack’s story, as he’s interviewed here and here.

Join us, armed with information and ready to learn about what you can do about this unlawful indirect mask mandate manipulation.