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Breaking: Fox News refuses to run Mike Lindell's paid commercial for his Cyber Symposium on the Nov. 3 election; continues to censor news coverage of state election integrity fights

Fox News has changed dramatically since Paul Ryan joined Fox Corp’s Board of Directors in 2019

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Devastating: Vaccines have killed 11,405 Americans so far

...and 62,339 rushed to urgent care... Yet criticism is crushed in Biden's 'Stalinist' America. Actual total not reported numbers likely many times more...

The numbers taken from under-reported / voluntarily-reported-to U.S. government Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)… Click here

Save your children from Yamhill County school districts' massive potential for abuse this fall

Masks toxic to children. New AMA mask study: 6x more CO2 than dangerous room.

6x more toxic than dangerous room

Monster Fauci, CDC want 2+ year-olds to be masked in schools or segregated as pariahs from vaccinated maskless students; yet new AMA study warns of toxic level of CO2 under those masks.

Dangerous mask CO2 levels (6x worse than toxic room): Read story | print storyAMA Journal study

Meanwhile, internal Fauci emails: he states typically used masks are ineffective to stop spread of China virus (the lab virus that he helped to fund)!  Newsweek article | print version

Children 50x more likely to die from vaccine than from the virus, according to form Pfizer VP | Watch

Join our stop critical race, school reform committee! What is your local school board doing?

Doctors successfully treating Covid-19

Talks from Clay Clark's Health and Freedom Conferences

Dr. Simone Gold:
The truth about the medical profession

Dr. Mark Sherwood has treated over 8,000 Covid patients with zero deaths!​

President Trump TPA Phoenix speech replay

Replay of Turning Point Action Protect our Elections Rally speech by the President from Phoenix, here on your local GOP County website network.

July 24, 2021

YCRP adopts "In God we trust" as official motto

July 5, 2021

Possibly first time ever done by a U.S. political party organization

McMINNVILLE, OR“In God we trust” became the official motto of the Yamhill County Republican Party over the weekend celebrating America’s freedom. The resolution making it so was unanimously approved by the body at its July meeting.

To the party’s knowledge, it is the first political party organization in the history of the United Statesin any state, at any levelto do adopt the slogan.

Here is the text adopted as Resolution 2021-01:

“Whereas, “In God we trust,” was adopted as the official motto of the United States Joint Resolution by the 84th Congress (Pub.L. 84–140) and approved by President Dwight Eisenhower on July 30, 1956; and

“Whereas, “In God we trust” has appeared on paper money since 1957, as well as coins; and

“Whereas, the motto does not violate the First Amendment concerning respecting “an establishment of religion,” (as it is not giving a government preference to any religious institution); and

In God we trust on dollar bill

“Whereas, the State of Florida equally adopted “In God we trust” for its motto in 2006; and

“Whereas, without God’s assistance, the United States has no hope of keeping its freedom; and

“Whereas, the Yamhill County Republican Party requires God’s support to thrive and achieve success;

“Therefore, the Yamhill County Republican Party adopts the phrase “In God we trust” as its official motto; and will honor our Creator with implementation of the phrase to be placed at the bottom of the party’s name on its website and all new banners created for the party’s outreach at fairs.”

President Trump speaks to CPAC Sunday

Jason Miller (of Trump campaign) launches new social platform, Gettr

July 3, 2021

JULY 11—President Trump spoke before Matt Schlapp’s Conservative Political Action Conference Convention Sunday.

He urged all supporters to get involved in the process like never before, seeing how far and how fast the country has fallen under the fake Biden administration.

Leverage! Will Republicans hold the line on with debt ceiling? Deadline stalled...​

July 1, 2021 UPDATED July 23

UPDATE: Yellin delays deadline until late Setpemer or October Fed chair Janet Yellin, in testimony before a Senate Subcommittee said: “Defaulting on the national debt should be regarded as unthinkable.” But what should Biden’s bankrupting America be thought as? It’s the last hammer Republicans have to stop the massive Biden spending plans. Will Oregon’s Cliff Bentz (R-CD2) use the debt ceiling as leverage to trim “Biden’s” out of control spending?

The new Trump "tweets" and 45office.com

While President Trump has been censored on Twitter and Fakebook, he is communicating on his own platform now. That is at official website 45office.com.

But the new social media stalwart, Gab, is also picking up all official Trump messages for real time rebroadcast @RealDonaldTrump.

The easiest (and we feel the most secure way to get the real President’s commniique, is to click the picture of the President on the banner above to get right to the Gab feed any time day or night.

Help repeal SB554, anti-gun law. Get, sign petition.

Go here to get petition, more information
Single signer | 10 sheet

During the 90 days normal period for a law to be enacted, citizens can file a referendum to get signatures to force the issue to a ballot for final decision. This law is being so challenged, with 74,680 valid signatures needed by Sept. 25 to qualify it for the Nov. 2022 ballot.

CONTRASTING: Missouri Governor to sign bill to nullify federal gov’t. gun limitations.

Senate Bill 554 would peel away many of our second amendment guaranteed rights. It:

  • Doubles licensing fee from $50 -$100 for CHL (conceal carry).
  • Removes exception for concealed license holders in public buildings
  • Allows Local governments, school districts and universities to set their own “Gun Free Zones”
  • Requires locking your guns’ triggers in your own home

This is ultimately the single effort to show if the Oregon citizens are alive or plan to roll over and welcome the perpetual theft of freedom by the Oregon Governor and legislative majority.

Democrat activist Naomi Wolf Nazi-like Biden push for door-to-door vaccine check so much like Hitler

July 6, 2021

Wolf: Turning health officials into 'black shirts and brown shirts'

Appearing on Steve Bannon's War Room, liberal activist Naomi Wolf sounded a warning about Biden's latest push to coerce vaccinations.

Wolf has been leading the charge for vaccination choice and free speech. The founder of DailyClout, is against a "vax passport" and galvanizing people to fight for their freedoms.

Despite these being banned in many states, the Biden administration plans to override states' rights and violate individual rights, collecting a database on individuals. Wolf says the push is to vacaccinate young adults. But, she says it's not about passports. "What was important is a metric throughline to kill the 4th amendment, HiPPA...to inform on your neighbors... It's an excuse to get into your home."

Tucker: Mask fraud is back... for the vaccinated, children too

July 29, 2021

But Biden fraud administration letting illegals flood through border with Covid Delta variant…and shipping them throughout the U.S.

Massive sized protests in Paris against vax passports, mask mandates

July 26, 2021


Mary Webster Column

Newsmax TV watch live

A word for pastors today:
Defend truth!

July 15, 2021

President Trump class action suit vs. FB, Twitter, Google presser

July 7, 2021 11:00AM EDT

If you have been a victim of big tech censorship, you can join this class action suit. Learn more.

TX Gov. Abbot with Trump at Hannity Town Hall. Arrest illegal criminals in TX

June 29, 2021

Full Hannity Trump Town Hall Part 1 | Part 2

Lindell's DocuVideo:
Absolute 9-0 on vote fraud

Trump live "tweets"!

President Trump is effectively “tweeting” again, but not on Twitter. Click his picture on the header to read all the latest real time messages from our real President.