Yamhill County Republicans

Party leadership

ORP State Party Delegates

Duties of Delegates

1st Delegate 
Chris Chenoweth

2nd Delegate
Nan Cramer

1st Alt Delegate
Susan Dawson

2nd Alt Delegate
David Samuel Hill 

3rd Alt Delegate
Debbie Smith 

4th Alt Delegate
Jeff Berry 

Representing YCRP at state ORP meetings

In addition to their local duties as members of the Executive Committee, the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the 1st and 2nd Delegate represent the four votes that Yamhill County has at the statewide Oregon Republican Party meetings to decide matters there.

The alternate delegates are also state voting positions

a) in case any of the people representing the four positions above either can’t make a state meeting or;

b) temporarily step out of a meeting and allow a delegate to take their place on one or more votes.