Yamhill County Republicans

Mary Webster, author of "Federalist Papers in Modern English" at special July 4th weekend patriotic event


World’s foremost authority on the 85 collected essays known as “Federalist Papers” to speak, host book signing.

Written 1787-88 to argue why the then proposed U.S. Constitution should be ratified, Webster interprets ‘Papers’ into current vernacular.

When: Monday, July 5th 5 p.m.
Where: Lighthouse Church,
1350 SW Baker Rd, (99W)

For the July 4th weekend the Yamhill County Republican Party is hosting an Oregon treasure, Mary Webster, a distant relative of founding era: Noah Webster, founder of the first American dictionary, (and Daniel Webster).

Mary has made it her life’s work to study, learn and re-interpret the founding documents that helped convince a new nation to adopt the God-inspired work we know as the U.S. Constitution, officially adopted in 1788 and put into effect March 4, 1789, and still has survived as the highest law of the land to this day (albeit, now in great peril).

Bring the whole family to this special free event. If we want to turn back our country to a nation that follows its laws, we all need to learn more about the miracle beginnings in which God brought about the freedoms we stand for, as well as to understand why Democrat abuse of power will not stand, and the inevitability why God will re-establish the force and effect of that document in this land.

Mary’s books will be available at the meeting, but also available on Amazon. Click the images to go to those two books, read the synopsis and customer reviews.

One Amazon reviewer said of Mary’s book: Our lost treasure is now accessible to the general reader! The wisdom of James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay is available to all. With a chuckle I am sure that Thomas Jefferson would say that the best commentary on the principles of government has finally become a readable commentary too!”

AND Mary now has a regular column here to help bring perspective to America’s destiny. In her first column, she aligns what President Trump stands for with what the founders believed. It’s history presented in a way you’ve probably never heard it before.

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Coming: Meeting minutes